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PKF Worldwide Tax Guide - 2020-11-17

PKF Worldwide Tax Guide

Since 1994, the PKF network of independent member firms, administered by PKF International Limited, has produced the PKF Worldwide Tax Guide (WWTG) to provide international businesses with the answers to these key tax questions.

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Business Owner's Perspectives - 2019-12-01

Business Owner's Perspectives

Trends & Strategies for Owners of Closely Held and Family Businesses

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Dimensions Publications - 2019-09-10


A CPA's Report for the Construction Industry

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Clubs in Town & Country - 2018-07-16

2018 Clubs in Town & Country

For clubs, 2017 was a banner year. Many clubs turned the corner in 2015 and membership has continued to grow, although slowly, for the last two years. While recovery among the exclusive clubs (A level clubs) remains strong, there are still too many clubs in some areas, which weakens demand in those locations.

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Clubs in Town & Country -2017-06-27

2017 Clubs in Town & Country

For many clubs, 2016 was a banner year. They turned the corner and members started coming back. However, that result was not consistent across the board. The exclusive clubs’ (A level clubs) recovery remains strong. However, in some areas, there are too many clubs and demand remains

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GAAP vs IFRS Overview -2015-11-04

GAAP vs IFRS Overview

In this publication we look at the issues that U.S. businesses may face with the proposed transition to IFRS, which due to the continued convergence projects, are relevant despite recent delays on a final decision by the SEC

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